~$ cat /etc/motd
       ....             .                   ..                     .x+=:.      .                              
   .xH888888Hx.        @88>               dF                      z`    ^%    @88>                            
 .H8888888888888:      %8P          u.   '88bu.                      .   <k   %8P                  u.    u.   
 888*"""?""*88888X      .     ...ue888b  '*88888bu        .u       .@8Ned8"    .         uL      x@88k u@88c. 
'f     d8x.   ^%88k   .@88u   888R Y888r   ^"*8888N    ud8888.   .@^%8888"   .@88u   .ue888Nc.. ^"8888""8888" 
'>    <88888X   '?8  ''888E`  888R I888>  beWE "888L :888'8888. x88:  `)8b. ''888E` d88E`"888E`   8888  888R  
 `:..:`888888>    8>   888E   888R I888>  888E  888E d888 '88%" 8888N=*8888   888E  888E  888E    8888  888R  
        `"*88     X    888E   888R I888>  888E  888E 8888.+"     %8"    R88   888E  888E  888E    8888  888R  
   .xHHhx.."      !    888E  u8888cJ888   888E  888F 8888L        @8Wou 9%    888E  888E  888E    8888  888R  
  X88888888hx. ..!     888&   "*888*P"   .888N..888  '8888c. .+ .888888P`     888&  888& .888E   "*88*" 8888" 
 !   "*888888888"      R888"    'Y"       `"888*""    "88888%   `   ^"F       R888" *888" 888&     ""   'Y"   
        ^"***"`         ""                   ""         "YP'                   ""    `"   "888E               
                                                                                    .dWi   `88E               
 Last update: 2014-06-12, 0058 (UTC) Added article link to Turing Test brouhaha     4888~  J8%                
~$ ./showtime.sh
blinking cursor
Who am I?

Hello. I'm Chris Williams: a US resident alien working in San Francisco as a science and technology journalist. Once upon a time, I bagged a master's degree in electronic engineering at the University of Warwick, but after one or two sleepless nights I decided that wasn't the career for me. So I landed a job as a newspaper reporter, and I didn't look back. After that I worked as a sub-editor and then as an assistant production editor.

Then I went fully online to write and edit articles, and come up with rude headlines, for IT tabloid The Register and its 9,470,000 readers.

Among various personal projects, I help run the film review website Alternate Takes and poured thousands of hours into retro tech site Drobe. My contact details and PGP key details are below. If you want to get started with encrypted email, I suggest taking a look at GnuPG and GPGMail.

Articles I've written

You can find a list of articles I've recently written here.

Diosix microkernel project

By day I juggle words and news, but by night I toy with my own microkernel operating system diosix (GitHub mirror). I'm in the middle of rewriting the code. The plan is to develop low-level programming skills and make something cool: the ultimate goal is to provide a personal distributed computing system that configures itself on the fly to match demand and available resources. Get in touch if you're interested in helping!

Get in contact

You're more than welcome to drop me an email to diodesign@diodesign.co.uk. My Keybase-hosted public key is here (HTTPS) (pgp.mit.edu, fingerprint 1FD3 81D9 6344 FC49 9C5F FBC1 0EC6 E70E 3EB7 9D2E) if you wish to send me an encrypted email or request a cryptographically signed message. Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I can also be found hanging around Freenode IRC using the nickname diodesign.

For reference, my OTR fingerprint is: B428AE37 9893CC34 581A80A9 75E95E03 E59F70E6. Contact me if you wish to instant message me - but please, GPG sign or encrypt your request. Thanks.